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Our Contact
Our Contact

Presently, the company employs more than 50 people of whom many have been working in the company over 10 years which means that they are the professionals and specialists of their own area.

KaroTrans AS

Savi 20/1, Pärnu, 80010

Phone: +372 443 6650
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E-mail: info@karotrans.ee
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VAT no: EE100845369

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Meelis Lippe

Round-wood transportation, member of the management board

tel. +37256475422
e-mail: meelis@karotrans.ee

Aino Tsupilo

Chief accountant

tel. +3724436649
e-mail: aino.t@karotrans.ee

Meelis Rosenstein

International carriages with refrigerated and tent trailers, member of the management board

tel. +3725108127
e-mail: meelis.r@karotrans.ee

Inga Toomlaid


tel. +3724436649:
e-mail: inga.t@karotrans.ee

Margus Riik

Maintenance and supply of equipment

tel. +37256488675
e-mail: margus@karotrans.ee